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These E-Riderrs are incredible for zipping around your city or neighborhood. Get out and explore your surroundings, visit friends, pop in at your local brewery, commute to work or campus or just take a joy ride.

E-Riderrs Golf

Course Professionals

Introducing E-Riderrs Golf. Bringing more fun to every round.


  • Enhanced player experience
  • Faster pace of play
  • Significantly lower electricity cost
  • No to low maintenance
  • Co-Branded marketing
  • Special golf course pricing
  • Financing available


Beach Trips

Your perfect beach buddy. Glide effortlessly on the sand, enjoy the sea breeze, and explore the shore in style and comfort.


RV Life

Enhance your RV adventures! Convenient, fun and ready for exploration. Explore campsites, towns, and scenic spots with ease.



The silent and efficient hunting partner. Get to your hunting spots swiftly and quietly, carrying your gear with ease on these electric fat tire scooters.


Fishing Friendly

Reel in the adventure. Cruise to your favorite fishing spot hassle-free and with all your gear on these electric fat tire scooters.


Camping Fun

Elevate your camping experience. Explore the great outdoors effortlessly with these electric fat tire scooters, perfect for navigating campsites.


Exploring the Neighborhood

The perfect neighborhood companion! Cruise effortlessly, run errands, or enjoy leisurely rides. Say hello to convenient, eco-friendly neighborhood exploration.


Grocery Getter

Zip to the store and back with ease, using these electric fat tire scooters for quick grocery runs.


Chasing Sunsets

Chase sunsets in style. Glide into the twilight with ease on these electric fat tire scooters, capturing the beauty of dusk.



  • Street legal. Class 2E-bike
  • No license, title or registration necessary
  • Removable / rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery charger included
  • Three speeds (15, 20 and 28 mph)
  • LED headlight
  • Speedometer / Odometer / Battery Charge Level
  • Horn / Phone holder
  • Brake light / Rear blinkers
  • Front suspension
  • Front and rear hydraulic brakes
  • Durable, well made frame
  • Max weight capacity : 350lb

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Up to 30 mile range

28 MPH Max Speed

Quick re-Charge time

1500 w motor

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One Year Warranty On All E-Riderrs

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Embark on a journey with two brothers building high-quality, fun-to-ride fat tire scooters. Experience the thrill of their exciting ride where smiles and quality unite.